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Lycamobile discount offer

You cannot afford to miss these rare deals from Lycamobile! Wonder what we are raving so much about? The answer is the National L and the All In One L bundle! What makes these offers great? Let’s find out!

      1. National L: Now, spend hours talking or texting your friends and family within Austria! National Plan L comes with unlimited national calls and texts and covers your need for high-speed data. With 7 GB data you can spend hours browsing, streaming music or watching your favourite videos.
      2. All In One L: Connect with your family and friends abroad with our best international bundle till date. Why is All In One L our best bundle you ask? Opting the bundle will get you unlimited national calls and texts, and unlimited international calls to reach out 32 countries. Now here is the best part about the plan. We have further provided you the option to choose between getting 500 minutes to call 14 selected countries or get 100 minutes to call 11 selected countries – choose the countries your loved ones reside in and opt for them accordingly. Additionally, you also get 10 GB of high-speed national data to help you surf the web seamlessly from anywhere – anytime.

Now, if you thought these plans would burn a large hole in your pocket, we assure you they won’t! Lycamobile is offering the National L bundle at 50% discount for €7.45 and the All In One L bundle at 50% discount for just €9.95. Now!

This offer is live only for a limited time. Blink and you might just miss! So, hurry and order your Lycamobile SIM today!