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International Airtime Transfer

Easily transfer your mobile credit to friends & family with Lyca Mobile

Lyca Mobile’s airtime transfer service allows you to securely transfer mobile credit from your Lyca Mobile account to another mobile operator in the world. It means that you can transfer credit to your friends and family abroad!

How to use International Airtime Transfer

international airtime transfer

Send credit using short code (Option 1)

Follow the steps by dialling


Example: To send INR100 to an indian customer simply dial **207*0091xxxxxxx*2#

**The number 2 at the end of the code represents the equivalent amount of INR100 in your Lyca Mobile credit in EURO and this amount will be debited from your mobile credit.

Transfer your mobile credit in a local currency to more than 200 operators worldwide:

( OR )

Send credit using My Lyca Mobile (Option 2)

Log into My Lyca Mobile, click "International Airtime Transfer" tab on the left, fill receiver's country, phone number and amount you wish to send. Both of you will receive text confirmation of the transaction.

How we calculate the rates

For every 1€ you send your friend abroad will receive










Local currency

0.7 AUD

0.49 €

0.49 €

0.49 €

4.04 NOK

0.49 €












Local currency

0.49 €

0.49 €


0.49 €

2.05 PLN

0.49 €

4.13 SEK

0.66 USD


Date on exchange rates. All exchange rates are accurate as of 16:00 Friday 6nd January 2015

Terms and Conditions
  • 1. This offer is available only for AT Lyca Mobile customers to send prepaid airtime credit to other Lyca Mobile customers within the Lyca Mobile footprint of countries for their use to make calls, send text messages or use data.
  • 2. Please ensure the mobile number of the recipient is correct. Credit transferred to a wrong account by mistake cannot be recovered.
  • 3. You can transfer standard credit available from your Lyca Mobile prepaid account. You cannot transfer any bonus or promotional credit awarded to you. The recipient of the credit can only use the credit transferred to them and not benefit from any in-country promotional offer on the credit received.
  • 4. The minimum amount that can be transferred is 1€.
  • 5. We may limit the maximum amount that can be transferred, or any other parameter e.g. the number of transactions per day, at any time.
  • 6. Credit transfers may include a transactional fee.
  • 7. Credit transfers while roaming may incur specific roaming charges.
  • 8. The amount of credit received by the recipient may fluctuate based on the daily exchange rates.
  • 9. For more details call Customer Service at 0123008322.
  • 10. By completing a transfer, you accept all of the charges involved and these terms and conditions, which form part of Lyca Mobile’s General Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these charges or terms and conditions, please do not use this service. All charges are deducted from your Lyca Mobile prepaid account.